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Developing Campaign colors is a challenging concept.  Of course as a life long republican the color red comes to mind.  However, knowing the other elected officials who will/are campaigning and running during the same cycle, I did not want to "step" on any of their colors out of respect. Afterall, running for Constable Pct. 1 is very personal, this is the community which I have grown up and lived my entire life.  Many of the people I see daily within our communities knew me and my family as a child or even before I was born.  So my campaign colors were chosen more for family reasons and less than a political one.  In the end, family is the reason why I am here today as without their support I could never have the qualifications I have to serve my community over the past 30 plus years.

CampaignSign-Fulton-TSHIRT_VERSION-WithRedElephant copy smallest_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Navy Blue was chosen to honor my dad, Max Fulton and his memory as a proud Navy Veteran.  He served on USS America CV-66 Kitty Hawk-class Supercarrier during the Vietnam War.  To the day he died his service was one of the most proud moments of his life.  While he is no longer with us, his memory lives on by this background color of my campaign signs and logos.  As without my dad being in the background of my life, I would not be the person I am today.

The Color Orange was simple as it is two fold:  


First, it is my wife's favorite color.  It is there to honor her and the sacrifices she has and is currently making for not only our family, but in support my dream to serve our community as Constable. 


Secondly, with the movement of the precincts in January 2023, a lot of The City of Alvin became part of Pct. 1 for the first time in history.  The Orange is there to represent the City of Alvin and the orange color of their High SchoolI truly value Alvin and the city and I wanted to have them represented in my campaign.

Yellowjacket - color copy.png
Mike Fulton for Constable Pct. 1_9 copy3.png

The Color Teal represents the coastal features which only Pct. 1 has within Brazoria County.  It is there to honor the Port of Freeport and coastal bays that I grew up on fishing and enjoy the best of nature offers in our area. 

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