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... is about developing the mindset of the modern officer.  There is a strong need for create a path to move forward while re-engaging and re-igniting each officer's personal passion for the profession.  Serving our communities in a positive manner is a vital key factor.  It is this Servant Leadership belief and style that I will bring with me as your next Constable for Brazoria County Precinct 1 Constable's Office.




Together these Pillars will make Pct. 1 Saver for Future Generations


As the current Chief Deputy of a Constable's office within Brazoria County, I have seen first hand from a leadership standpoint the changes that Constable departments are going through.  Challenged everyday to keep up with the modernization of law enforcement changes, each constable agency has its own set of issues that need to be solved.  While our primary mission is still to professionally serve all civil and criminal court dockets with diligence, today our Constables are also called upon more and more to enforce all local, state and federal laws within the community. 


While the goal of law enforcement has not changed, the method in which we must go about leading a law enforcement agency has.


We must not only provide the equipment and gear for our deputies to serve civil documents, but just as important the training and modern development to be a "hybrid" officer ready to answer the call for service at a moment's notice.  It is this ever evolving concept that I will tackle when elected as Pct. 1 Constable of Brazoria County.  

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Three Ps of Policing
  • Positive Interaction
  • Partnerships
  • Problem Solving


Growing up here in Pct. 1 of Brazoria County my main goal is to make our communities safe and secure.  I strongly believe our next generation should have the chance to grow up and enjoy our area as I did as a child.  Due to this, I believe in fighting crime on two levels to develop a safe community.  "The Crime Level" and "The Fear of Crime Level"


Fighting crime at the "Crime Level" is a reactive method.  Once a crime happens, law enforcement works hard to solve the crime, using all of their analytical data and skillsets.  Once developed, officers go out and make the arrests. It is this method that traditional law enforcement has used for decades and it has been quite effective overall. 

However, in today's modern era constable departments that are ever-adjusting, growing and changing from a full service civil department to more of a hybrid of all methods of law enforcement.  Fighting "The Fear of Crime Level" is even more important to develop.  Every law enforcement agency in the country has a duty to make their citizens feel safe within their community.  If an individual does not feel safe, there is a strong disconnect between that community and the law enforcement agencies that serve them.  Building stronger personal relationships with citizens, being proactive and acting before crime occurs is a must.  By building trust we can solve problems within our communities.  This leadership style which I utilize, is all part of fighting crime at "The Fear of Crime Level".  I strongly believe that officers must positively interact with the community as Servant Leaders, from serving civil documents, to working within the court system, or daily patrolling the communities within Brazoria County.  It is within these methods which I believe makes a community become stronger.


Growing up and living my entire life in Precinct 1, I have seen first hand the illegal dumping of trash that litters the coastline and rural county roads of our area.  While the Precinct 1 Road and Bridge does an amazing job in cleaning up the mess, there simply is not enough help finding out who these individuals are that litter our communities.  I  intend on developing a program where my constables and I, in partnership with other local officials will bring these individuals to justice.  By using modern techniques that have been proven effectiveness in this area of crime, as well as to enforce the Texas Health and Safety Code, I intend on cleaning up our area.  Afterall this is not a Republican or Democrat issue but a Brazoria County concerned citizen issue, and when elected Constable, I will put this issue as one of my top priorities when in office.

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What our deputies say as well as what we do in response to the signs and symptoms of a mental health episode or substance use challenge can have a tremendous impact on the perceptions, actions and outcomes of all involved.  By providing quality and better developed Mental Health First Aid training that focuses on identifying and responding to the early signs and symptoms will help our community as a whole.  After all, the earlier we can intervene, the better.  Mental Health training will be tailored to the unique experiences of our sworn and nonsworn personnel within the Constable's Department.  This education can have a crucial impact on how law enforcement officers and staff react during pivotal moments during and after an incident involving someone’s mental wellbeing.  One of my goals when elected your Constable of Pct. 1 is to provide better developed and ongoing essential training for positive initial actions with the goal to avert far more serious outcomes.


Constable departments traditionally have been overlooked and "behind the times"  of modern law enforcement.  Additionally, modern law enforcement agencies have not been the most transparent through their actions.  Coming from the Forensic field, where it is one of the most stringent areas of accreditation, I fully understand the process of implementing the detailed steps, but more importantly the benefits it provides the department and the citizens which they serve.  Accreditation will help the constable department operate more professionally, justify the operations, and promote trust within our communities. By assessing high-liability areas of their operations, provide deputies with more training, and hold all involved accountable to policy and training compliance, together the department will progress effectively and professionally.  I believe by promoting honesty and self-reflection within the agency, it will foster a culture of accountability.  When an agency enrolls in an accreditation process they are committing to excellence in leadership, resource management, and delivery of services.  It is these qualities I will work on from the moment I am elected to the Constable position.

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We must find a balance between the "Warrior Style" officer who fights crime at a "The Crime Level" and the "Servant Officer" who fights crime at "The Fear of Crime Level".  Traditionally law enforcement officers are only taught methods to control a situation, be it a tactical skill set or legal skill set, and of course how to execute those skill sets.  I believe in expanding the curriculum to help officers build a stronger skill set to connect to their communities and the people who live within them.  By focusing on the People-Centric Skills and Values that are found within Brazoria County, I trust officers will develop a stronger servant mindset to serve more effectively.


I also believe in every individual within law enforcement "Leads from where they are" in life.  I strongly feel making sure each and every deputy has personal leadership training.  After all, the ultimate goal of a true leader is to train their replacement.  Taking a "No Secret to Education" approach there is no greater weapon in producing quality officers than quality education and the continual practice and application of those learning mechanisms.



Currently, local law enforcement agencies are struggling to recruit and retain law enforcement officers. We need to build a comprehensive plan and implement new policies, professional standards, and develop people-centric skills that allow for advancement and improve retention of law enforcement officers.  My goal is to have the very best individuals for the position they are assigned to, and move away from the "good ol boy" system.  By this concept, the citizens of precinct 1 will be served stronger and more professionally.

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